Great Lakes Junior National Team Points List

2024 Final List
Valid from Mar 3, 2024 through Jun 30, 2024

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  • USSA Automatic Qualifier for Junior Nationals
  • Great Lakes Divisional Prequalifier for Junior Nationals
  • In Qualifying Position for Great Lakes Junior National Team
  • In Qualifying Position for U18 Trip
  • In Qualifying Position for CXC U16 Trip

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Duluth CXC Cup
December 10, 2023

Classic Interval Start
Gitchi Gami Games
December 16, 2023

Classic Sprint
Traverse City CXC Cup
January 28, 2024

Classic Mass Start
GLD Finale & Youth Championships
March 2, 2024

Classic Interval Start
Duluth CXC Cup
December 9, 2023

Freestyle Sprint
Gitchi Gami Games
December 17, 2023

Freestyle Interval Start
Traverse City CXC Cup
January 27, 2024

Freestyle Interval Start
GLD Finale & Youth Championships
March 3, 2024

Freestyle Interval Start
Wes CampbellMichigan Tech UniversityMU2020044059075110130
Jonathan ClarkeNorthern Michigan UniversityMU20200444011013090110
1Charles VaterIola Winter Sports ClubMU20200552062521301305059130130
2Adrik KraftsonMU2020044301309013080
3Grant RocheleauUniversity of Wisconsin - Green BayMU20200435656661107066110
4Leo RotarLakeland Nordic Ski TeamMU20200535552509075545211080
5Myles BrownUniversity of Wisconsin - Green BayMU202004350708090629090
6Derek WaddickUniversity of Wisconsin - Green BayMU202004340801108070
7Dietrich MattisonBlackhawk Ski ClubMU202005294545470805290
8Kaden HackerCollege of Saint ScholasticaMU20200427875626675
9Sam FollandUniversity of Wisconsin - Green BayMU20200426566707554
10Edison ByrumGrand Rapids Nordic Ski TeamMU20200526150805675
11Zaine BraatenUniversity of Wisconsin - Green BayMU20200523659565962
12Willem DeGoodVasa Ski ClubMU2020051557580
13Cyrus HamlinHarvard Ski TeamMU2020041155956
14Jonathan NemethMU202005110110