Great Lakes Junior National Team Points List

2018 List 2
Valid from Jan 23, 2018 through Feb 5, 2018

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1Mitchell DeLongMichigan Tech UniversityMU201999142
2Patrick ActonMichigan Tech UniversityMU201999146
3Reid GobleMichigan Tech UniversityMU201999146
4Nick NiemiMU182001186
5Joshua AlbrechtMichigan Tech UniversityMU201999207
6Eric HouckMichigan Tech UniversityMU201998207
7Xavier MansfieldNorthern Michigan UniversityMU201998222
8Aiden TruettnerMichigan Tech UniversityMU201998225
9Tres GreenMichigan Tech UniversityMU201999243
10Gabe PfeifferMichigan Tech UniversityMU201999244
11Hunter DercksMichigan Tech UniversityMU201998266
12Nikolai HuotariCopper Country Ski TigersMU182000318
13Joseph WoodCopper Country Ski TigersMU182001337
14Luke RamboSuperiorland Ski ClubMU201999356
15Isaac CoulterTraverse City Central/Vasa Ski ClubMU182000376
16Ilhan OnderCopper Country Ski TigersMU182000386
17Galen Resh ChimnerCopper Country Ski TigersMU182001393
18Nathan GarwoodSuperiorland Ski ClubMU182000410
19Daniel GroeneveldCopper Country Ski TigersMU182000414
20Julien MalherbeSuperiorland Ski ClubMU182001438
21Edward RoeTraverse City Central/Vasa Ski ClubMU182001457
22Mathurin GagnonSuperiorland Ski ClubMU182001607
23Aleutian HatfieldMSHS Nordic/Superiorland Ski ClubMU182001623
24Thomas LyleCopper Country Ski TigersMU182000638
25Matthew PillifantSuperiorland Ski ClubMU182001654
26Elliott SmithTraverse City Central/Vasa Ski ClubMU182000818