CXC Youth Cup

2018 List 2
Valid from Jan 9, 2018 through Jan 22, 2018

Developed in cooperation with the Minnesota Youth Ski League and cross country ski coaches from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, the CXC Youth Cup started in the winter 2015 to promote the growth and development of junior cross country ski racers, and to expose young athletes to the fundamental building blocks required for high-level cross country ski racing.

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RankCompetitorAffiliationGenderYoBPointsBest Race
1Fran Peterson4591 Sports DevelopmentF200513260
2Margo NightingaleMounds Park AcademyF200510260
3Sylvia MezaLakeland Nordic Ski TeamF200410242
4Maria VelatCopper Country Ski TigersF200410050
5Sophia JacobsonPrior Lake NordicF20048036
6Angie GrunertCopper Country Ski TigersF20046642
7Jordan ParentNordicwerks SkiKlubbF20046032
8Lauren MungerLoppet Nordic RacingF20046060
9Mary PopkeyBay Area Nordic Ski ClubF20046032
10Adeline FabelEndurance United/Endurance United TRAIL KIDSF20045050
11Ingrid SeagrenCopper Country Ski TigersF20044422
12Grace KernLakeland Nordic Ski TeamF20054024
13Raina HessBay Area Nordic Ski ClubF20054026
14Sage Resh ChimnerCopper Country Ski TigersF20053820
15Evelyn HudrlikNordicwerks SkiKlubbF20053620
16Rachel PoppletonEndurance United/Endurance United TRAIL KIDSF20053030
17Maria LeeLoppet TRAIL KIDS AnwatinF20052424
18Michele NguyenLoppet TRAIL KIDS AnwatinF20042222
19Elin HartmannLoppet TRAIL KIDS HylandF20052020
20Tidalud InthasorotLoppet TRAIL KIDS HylandF20041616
21Jaden SerafinCopper Country Ski TigersF20041414
22Ursula BeitzSkiwerx MinneapolisF20051414
23Lilian LangLoppet TRAIL KIDS AnwatinF20041212
24Emily WilsonLoppet TRAIL KIDS AnwatinF20041010
25Taiyae GraffunderLoppet TRAIL KIDS AnwatinF200566
26Maya AmundsonLoppet TRAIL KIDS AnwatinF200444
27Ronni JohnsonLoppet TRAIL KIDS AnwatinF200522