CXC Junior Cup

2018 List 1
Valid from Dec 22, 2017 through Jan 22, 2018

The objective of the CXC Junior Cup events is to encourage young athletes in the U16, U18, and U20 age divisions to enjoy cross country skiing and develop their skills. Events mix Olympic-style competition with elements of learning and fun for all levels - from beginner racers to those with International experience.

Note that the CXC Junior Cup ranking lists are not the Midwest or Great Lakes Junior National Team qualification lists.

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RankCompetitorAffiliationGenderYoBPointsBest Race
1Patrick ActonMichigan Tech UniversityM1999220110
2Reid GobleMichigan Tech UniversityM1999189130
3Mitchell DeLongMichigan Tech UniversityM199917090
4Alexander NemethLoppet Nordic RacingM200114690
5Anders SonnesynWayzata Nordic Ski ClubM200013480
6Eric HouckMichigan Tech UniversityM1998130130
7Luc GolinLoppet Nordic RacingM199912866
8Mark OusdigianLoppet Nordic RacingM199911870
9Ben OlsonLoppet Nordic RacingM200011275
10August SchatzleinLoppet Nordic RacingM200010966
11Shad KraftsonUniversity of Wisconsin – Green BayM199810670
12Aiden TruettnerMichigan Tech UniversityM199810262
13Gabe PfeifferMichigan Tech UniversityM199910056
14Jackson AdlerAshwaubenon Nordic Ski TeamM20009975
15Sam MyersUniversity of Wisconsin – Green BayM19989854
16Joshua AlbrechtMichigan Tech UniversityM19999559
17Ryan StegerCollege of Saint ScholasticaM19999348
18Kieran MullenLakeland Nordic Ski TeamM20009246
19Torsten BrinkemaLoppet Nordic RacingM19999252
20Xavier MansfieldNorthern Michigan UniversityM19989152
21Henry HallLoppet Nordic RacingM20018350
22James SchneiderLoppet Nordic RacingM20018143
23Peter MooreEndurance UnitedM20018150
24David EckerChippewa Valley Nordic Ski TeamM20008042
25Tres GreenMichigan Tech UniversityM19997742
26Joseph LynchLoppet Nordic RacingM20017237
27Thomas WoolhouseUniversity of Wisconsin – Green BayM19987245
28Eli GoreMadison Nordic Ski ClubM20016132
29Matthew BourneEndurance UnitedM20016141
30Gabe RaguseCollege of Saint ScholasticaM19996134
31Ryan MeadNordicwerks SkiKlubbM20006032
32Alexander KellingMt. Itasca Nordic Ski AssociationM19995934
33Ian IvensLoppet Nordic RacingM19985839
34Hunter DercksMichigan Tech UniversityM19985733
35Charlie ReinhardtLoppet Nordic RacingM20005330
36Nicholas ByrneLoppet Nordic RacingM19985031
37Keelan GormanLoppet Nordic RacingM20004729
38Ian RuhLoppet Nordic Racing/Stillwater Nordic Ski TeamM20004523
39McEwan RodefeldCollege of Saint ScholasticaM19994241
40James WoolhouseMora Ski ClubM20003830
41Andrew HainesNordicwerks SkiKlubbM20003828
42Benjamin GustafsonEly Nordic Ski ClubM19993725
43Conor WebergCollege of Saint ScholasticaM19983626
44Simon BrooksEndurance UnitedM20003317
45Hans ErnstBay Area Nordic Ski ClubM20002726
46Matthew ClarkeLoppet Nordic RacingM20012715
47Nick PetersenM19982518
48Jake StieleCollege of Saint ScholasticaM19992413
49Ethan EricksonNordicwerks SkiKlubbM20012322
50Conner NilsenPeak Nordic Ski ClubM19992315
51Kyle ThiemeAshwaubenon Nordic Ski TeamM19992321
52Joseph WoodCopper Country Ski TigersM20012221
54Peter CarlenLoppet Nordic RacingM20002011
55Cole RoeckerPeak Nordic Ski ClubM20011817
56Simon StoufferSaint Olaf CollegeM19981616
57Luke RamboSuperiorland Ski ClubM19991514
58Nikolai HuotariCopper Country Ski TigersM20001414
59John SchwinghamerMora Ski ClubM19991413
60Matthew EggerLoppet Nordic RacingM2000127
61Henry SniderEndurance UnitedM2001109
62Ilhan OnderCopper Country Ski TigersM200085
63Luke MacKinnonLoppet Nordic RacingM200076
64Joel HaasAshwaubenon Nordic Ski TeamM199976
65Charles BabcockThe Ski FarmM200054
66Leland JohnsonEndurance UnitedM199954
67Cody SchneiderLakeland Nordic Ski TeamM200143
68James SchwinghamerEly Nordic Ski ClubM200132
69PJ RubinLoppet Nordic RacingM200021
70Thomas AtwoodLoppet Nordic RacingM200021
71Galen Resh ChimnerCopper Country Ski TigersM200121
72Thomas OlenchekPeak Nordic Ski ClubM200121
73Isaac CoulterTraverse City Central/Vasa Ski ClubM200021
74Ian CasperMadison Nordic Ski ClubM200121
75Nathan GarwoodSuperiorland Ski ClubM200021
76Jackson PopeM200121
77Blake WeissEndurance UnitedM200121
78Riley HalstromM200021
79Edward RoeVasa Ski Club/Traverse City CentralM200121
80Beck PopeThe Ski FarmM200121
81Daniel GroeneveldCopper Country Ski TigersM200021
82Aleut HatfieldMSHS Nordic/Superiorland Ski ClubM200121
83Julien MalherbeSuperiorland Ski ClubM200121
84Matthew PillifantSuperiorland Ski ClubM200121
85Mathurin GagnonSuperiorland Ski ClubM200121
86Evan BrownTonMinnehaha AcademyM200021
87Thomas LyleCopper Country Ski TigersM200021
88Elliott SmithTraverse City Central/Vasa Ski ClubM200021
89Ben KomoroskeBay Area Nordic Ski ClubM200121
90Lars AskegaardMinnehaha AcademyM200021
91Luke DykowskiPeak Nordic Ski ClubM199921
92Alexander WhiteWayzata Nordic Ski ClubM199921
93Anders BraatenCollege of Saint ScholasticaM199921
94Ty ChristiansonEndurance UnitedM200111
95Andrew RossWausau Nordic UnitedM200111
96Will ValentinNordicwerks SkiKlubbM200011
97Mathias OmannChamplin ParkM200011
98Andrew BirschbachPeak Nordic Ski ClubM199911
99Elijah OlsonEly Nordic Ski ClubM199911