CXC Junior Cup

2018 List 1
Valid from Dec 22, 2017 through Jan 22, 2018

The objective of the CXC Junior Cup events is to encourage young athletes in the U16, U18, and U20 age divisions to enjoy cross country skiing and develop their skills. Events mix Olympic-style competition with elements of learning and fun for all levels - from beginner racers to those with International experience.

Note that the CXC Junior Cup ranking lists are not the Midwest or Great Lakes Junior National Team qualification lists.

Race-specific point details coming soon. Click here to report any point list issues.

RankCompetitorGenderYoBPointsBest Race
1Samuel StertzM2002200130
2Ryan ThiemeM2002190110
3Zachary NemethM2002182130
4Victor SparksM200318090
5Caden AlbrechtM2003169110
6Cooper LennoxM200215075
7Garrett WaltersM200213280
8Daniel HuhtalaM200212866
9Isak NightingaleM200312470
10Nick ParentM200212162
11William NemethM200211066
12Roger AndersonM200310156
13Stas BednarskiM200310054
14Drew SampsonM20039956
15Noah EricksonM20039650
16Jake Van HeftyM20029648
17Will ErnstM20028845
18Jakob CraigM20038244
19Aidan EarllM20038250
20Tom BeyerM20028040
21Brian DillaM20028042
22Jonathan HudrlikM20037542
23Caleb DunnewindM20027539
24Joshua SandersM20027237
25William MurphyM20037239
26Soren DavidsonM20026841
27AJ MaijalaM20026837
29Michael FraleyM20036534
30Cole LongM20036334
31Per HansonM20036335
32Nico AlexanderM20036030
33Marcus PetersonM20035529
34Alexander ButtonM20025026
35Evan AmpeM20024927
36Henry ShockleyM20024928
37Matthew JanowskiM20024825
38Quinlan BonnettM20034625
39Timothy ZieglerM20024523
40Forest GrenierM20034124
41William SchatzleinM20024141
42Rubin HatfieldM20033920
43Chase StahlM20033820
44Samuel StencilM20031919