CXC Junior Cup

2018 Final List
Valid from Dec 23, 2017 through Jun 30, 2018

The objective of the CXC Junior Cup events is to encourage young athletes in the U16, U18, and U20 age divisions to enjoy cross country skiing and develop their skills. Events mix Olympic-style competition with elements of learning and fun for all levels - from beginner racers to those with International experience.

Note that the CXC Junior Cup ranking lists are not the Midwest or Great Lakes Junior National Team qualification lists.

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RankCompetitorGenderYoBPointsBest Race
1Gretchen HaggenmillerF2002610130
2Elizabeth TuttleF2002595130
3Amelea HauerF2002532110
4Mia CaseF2003525130
5Sudie HallF200340790
6Anni SkillicornF200240190
7Lauren McCollorF200338990
8Sydney PetersonF200237075
9Celeste AldenF200235670
10Arielle JeanF2003353130
11Ericka AsmusF2002349130
12Kora JohnsonF2003342110
13Elsa VirenF2003339130
14Liv MyersF200329754
15Nina ChosyF200329566
16Maeve MoeningF200229454
17Ashley PetersonF200228654
18Eliana MalnourieF200228456
19Spirit HessF200327370
20Johanna SchwinghamerF200225762
21Ingrid HalversonF200223544
22Ella Hoch RobinsonF200323243
23Gabrielle KraemerF200222950
24Autumn ElesF2003220130
25Britt HarrisonF200221942
26Erika PetersonF200321440
27Julia SchwinghamerF200317740
28Marielle RaasioF200316080
29Ella BoelterF200315835
30Ainsley CasperF200315746
31McKenzie RadloffF200315142
32Aubrie EckerF200312839
33Madeline StencilF200212143
34Elli HudacekF200210536
35Anna SnuddenF20039331
36Frances RyanF20028444
37Jane StrakaF20028345
38Erin RossF20038332
39Delaney SallF20027575
40Grete EngelsF20037239
41Breanne SandstromF20037070
42Kathryn HouseF20035832
43Avalon JohnsonF20025128
44Kendra BesserF20024624
45Annika SedelisF20034424
46Emma BratvoldF20034141
47Rachel CampbellF20024122
48Kate MelmsF20033823
49Sophia SchenzelF20023535
50Katie TharmanF20033518
51Jacqueline HouseF20033030
52Ashleigh MagnusonF20032917
53Helen BoudryF20022727
54Anna Claire CrowleyF20022525
55Alicia NelsonF20031313